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Riviera Beach, Florida is located in Palm Beach County on the Eastern shore. With the motto, “The Best Waterfront City In Which To Live, Work, And Play,” the city is home to many attractions, including a spacious beach park for sporting events, luxury hotel accommodations, clear waters that are perfectly suitable for scuba diving, and the Singer Island resort community. In addition to numerous restaurants, cafes, and shops, there are also family-friendly entertainment options such as the Jazz After Dark Summer Concert Series and the Barracuda Bay Aquatic Center. Riviera Beach was originally settled as Oak Lawn in the 1880s, with the construction of a hotel called The Oak Lawn House. The town became a popular destination for early settlers, who organized a Baptist church and Hope Sound, the first school for African-Americans. Charles Newcomb, a scientist, inventor, and wealthy manufacturer, helped establish Riviera Beach as a tourist destination by planning an infrastructure of streets and lots for businesses and homes. The city was officially incorporated in 1922. Riviera Beach suffered severe damage from devastating hurricanes during the late 20s and did not begin to financially recover until the 1940s. Over the next two decades, however, the population of the city grew exponentially, reaching over 13,000 by 1960. With a demographic that continues to consist largely of African-American citizens, Riviera Beach elected two black councilmen before 1970; the second of them, Bobbie Brooks, went on to be twice elected mayor. Under his leadership, Riviera Beach continued to experience remarkable growth with improvements to the beach area, such as the construction of the Blue Heron Bridge, the Ocean Mall, and Bicentennial Park. Today, Riviera Beach enjoys a reputation as a civic-minded and diverse waterfront community.

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